college draft


Pro Volleyball Federation, the premier women’s professional volleyball league in North America, launches its inaugural season on January 24, 2024. Prior to that, the League will hold its first-ever College Draft in December 2023. This five-round event will allow our teams to add the best collegiate volleyball players in America to our already outstanding roster of talented professionals from throughout the world.


Finally, there is a new horizon for aspiring pro volleyball stars who, until now, have not had a REAL opportunity to play pro volleyball at its highest level in the United States.

Please feel free to distribute this to any of your players who might have interest in playing professionally in 2024. More information can be found at

Any player 18 years of age or older is eligible to be drafted. However, we understand that the level of professional athletes who will make up a majority of the roster spots in our League will make it a challenge for players coming right out of college to earn early playing time. Thus, we always encourage players with remaining eligibility to stay in school and complete their eligibility before turning their focus to Pro Volleyball Federation.

Players do not have to declare for our draft. Pro Volleyball Federation teams are simply able to draft players, and if the player is interested in signing with that team she can do so. The drafting team retains that player’s rights for two years, unless she signs a contract with the team or she returns to school.

Our League and team staffs have been trained and understand the NCAA rules and regulations related to who professional teams may speak with regarding a student-athlete’s professional future, what can be discussed regarding contracts and potential compensation upon signing a contract, offers that can and cannot be made, and other areas that could impact a student-athlete’s collegiate eligibility.

Pro Volleyball Federation is proud to be the first pro volleyball league in the United States to provide its players with a REAL living wage. In fact, our first-year base salaries are similar to those of current first-year WNBA players (a league that has been around for more than 25 years). Our players will also be able to gain additional compensation based on achievement and postseason advancement. We are also extremely excited about being the first-ever pro League to share league revenues with our players from Day One. Our players are our product, and one of the most important missions of Pro Volleyball Federation is our commitment to treating our players the right way and with the respect, care, and admiration they deserve as major league professional athletes.