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From equal pay agreements to amazing comeback stories, record audiences and new media deals, women’s sports are in the spotlight now more than ever, o­ffering untapped potential and new commercial opportunities for rights holders, brands, and media.

If you haven’t already noticed, NCAA women’s volleyball has become an attractive television property, with many sports networks reporting that NCAA women’s volleyball viewership has risen to a point where it ranks No. 3 among all live college sports behind only college football and men’s basketball. Pro Volleyball Federation provides an outstanding platform for these world-class athletes to continue their careers as professionals in the USA instead of having to look overseas to pursue their dreams.

Women’s sports are proving to be good business, and America is paying attention. Both investors and sponsors have begun to notice the potential of women’s volleyball — in college and beyond. Women’s sports o­ffer a huge emerging market for sponsorships and media rights, and the growth within the industry provides exciting opportunities from a brand and ROI perspective.

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